If you are looking for a swing fix or you have a golf problem, then check out this latest golf video by CPGA golf professional  - Charles Marchildon.

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If you are planning a golf trip in the future and your looking for a group getaway , then look no further , as Charles will be accompanying a group golf enthusiast to one of our great golf destinations , such as the beautiful sunny Algarve-Portugal, Scotland, Ireland , Scottsdale-Arizona .

If you are interested , please contact Gryphon Golf Tours for the complete details :

514-878-9634 / Toll Free - 1 -877- 479-7466 or info@gryphongolf. com

Golf Training

If you are looking for a guide on golf training look no further. Joey Anderson , writer at Sports Fitness Advisor, has prepared a comprehensive guide spread over multiple pages and packed with practical tips and advice. This is completely free and you can find it here:



CPGA - Charles Marchildon