Amare Marbella Beach Hotel, Marbella – 4 Star

  • Close your eyes. Now imagine yourself in a relaxing and comfortable sunbed.
  • Draw in your mind the most enviable adult only holidays Marbella.
  • Enjoy a drink in a charming place between heaven and sea.
  • Breathe in the incomparable atmosphere of Amàre Marbella (the best Adults only hotel Marbella).

The Hotel Amàre Marbella is much more than a luxury destination, it’s a magical experience too wonderful for words. Its Mediterranean name tries to capture the essence of this private paradise. “Amàre” not only means “love” but also gives the feel of the “sea” and displays a very natural and unforgettable world that you will not be able to resist.

Amàre Marbella is a unique hotel in Costa del Sol that brings together the perfect ingredients for a delightful stay: it’s an adults only hotel, on the beachfront and close to Marbella’s old town. Once you step in our Spa Hotel you will feel as if you were crossing an open door to the sea where all your wishes are granted. The beautiful Mediterranean shore will be right in your lap without your feet even touching the sand. Would you like to order a cocktail while sunbathing? Just press a button. Our entire staff is waiting to help you. And what about an appetising breakfast no matter the time you wake up? It’s there for you, served in the fresh air.

There’s no detail that has been passed over to give you the best imaginable holidays for couples. Savour the beauty of the sea at Amàre Beach, dive into relaxation lying in the Amàre Pool or just switch off in the Amàre Lounge . Chill Out music surrounds these three distinct environments, which will award you innumerable distinct pleasures.

Accommodations :

 On cloud nine. This is the feeling you’ll experience once you get in this room. Sunny and spacious, with glass walls and a modern décor, equipped with cool hi tech gadgets and overlooking the blue horizon. Our ‘Oh Là Là‘ Room is distinct all other luxury hotel roomsyou’ve enjoyed.

Actually, it’s not easy to describe such a gorgeous place that is much more than just ‘a room with a view’. If you’re trying to find the right words to describe it, we suggest just three: Oh Là Là.

  • Double bed (2.0 m wide x 1.90 m long) or two single beds (1.00 m wide x 1.90 m long).
  • Furnished terrace with tables, chairs and glass railings.
  • Chaise lounge and trendy furniture.
  • Quilt bedding, Nordic-style duvets and pillow selection.
  • Dressing gown, slippers, beach towels and amenities.
  • Rainshower unit designed in glass with overlooking view.
  • State-of-the-art gadgets.
  • LED TV 47″.
  • VOD TV (including an adult channel).
  • Maximum capacity: two people.
  • 36m2 ready to be enjoyed.
 It’s time to think about yourself. How happy, how easy, how exciting, how restful, how gratifying… is your life? Are you looking for a sweeter experience? This room may open the gate for you to reach your summit: la dolce vita, the sweet life, a culminating experience lived at the beachfront.

If you like trendy rooms, this is the perfect one that combines a comfortable bedroom with an intimate living room. Definitely, the place beyond compare not only to dream but also to do anything you can imagine.

  • Two single beds (1.00 m wide x 1.90 m long).
  • Furnished terrace with table and chairs.
  • Bedroom and living room with trendy decoration.
  • Quilt bedding, Nordic-style duvets and pillow selection.
  • Shower.
  • Maximum capacity: two people.
  • 46m2 ready to be enjoyed.
 Hello! Welcome to one of our most charming hotel rooms, come in and make yourself comfortable. You’ve just got in a room that’s been specially created for (sea) lovers. Here you’ll realize that you can (read or) skip everything written in brackets because all the parentheses and pauses are for you and your (sea) loving delight.

As well as all the unique experiences that will make you fall in love again. For example, awake with companionship (of the sea); or enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean views from your room’s terrace

  • Two single beds (1.00m wide x 1.95m long) or a double bed (1.80m wide x 1.90m long).
  • Quilt bedding, Nordic-style duvets and pillow selection.
  • Shower.
  • Maximum capacity: 2 people.
  • 26m2 ready to be enjoyed.
 This is just your style. You love being unique. You don’t mind what people think of you; you don’t need any approval; you are sure about what you want. Once more, you did it your way: you chose your favourite destination, an incredible hotel with modern rooms on the beachfront and close to Marbella Old Town. And you were lucky.

This is your selection. The Room “My Way” is awaiting you and the person you want to share this holiday with.

  • Two single beds (1.00m wide x 1.95m long) or a double bed (1.80m wide x 1.90m long).
  • Quilt bedding, Nordic-style duvets and pillow selection.
  • Bath or shower on request.
  • Maximum capacity: two people.
  • 25m2 ready to be enjoyed.
 It’s a matter of pride. All of us are proud of having been to these special places that are meaningful in our lives. Most of the hotel rooms can’t boast of being so relevant but the room “I Was Here” can.

You’ll be in a comfortable room that will make you feel like you are a part of the Amàre Hotel universe, an exclusive world where you are the main character and everything has been designed for your amusement and relaxation.

  • Double bed (1.40m wide x 1.90m long).
  • Quilt bedding, Nordic-style duvets and pillow selection.
  • Bath or shower on request.
  • Maximum capacity: two people.
  • 19m2 ready to be enjoyed.

Restaurant :


Messina Restaurant won its first Michelin star in the most recent 2016 edition of the awards, as well as the “Restaurant of the Year” prize, given by the Marbella Academy of Gastronomy. In 2014 it was awarded the “2014 ABC Chile Sauce” prize for the best restaurant of 2014, and was judged as the 10th best restaurant in Spain for creative cuisine at Madrid Fusión’s Gastronomy 100s awards. Mauricio was recognised as the “Best Chef 2013″ and Messina as the “Best Restaurant 2012″ by the Marbella Academy of Gastronomy.

Messina restaurant has a track record dating back 13 years and it has put down deep roots as one of the Costa del Sol’s best culinary offerings. Elaborate dishes that combine high quality products – most of which are local such as Malaga Goat and fish and shellfish from Marbella’s coast – with excellent technique and simple and elegant presentation. The two tasting menus are without a doubt the best way to discover the personal cuisine of chef Mauricio Giovanini’s, whose work has been recognised on many different occasions.

Mare Nostrum

Our Sea. This is the meaning of Mare Nostrum and this is our leitmotiv: we want to make the Mediterranean Sea yours. This is the reason why everything in the Mare Nostrum Restaurant is to remind you of the sea, not only its fresh cuisine but also its decor.

There’s no better way to start your day than having a buffet breakfast on the Mare Nostrum terrace bar gazing at the sea. Even in the indoor restaurant you’ll feel like you are outdoors, because nothing obstructs your beach view.

The healthiest and most appetising ingredients of Mediterranean diet stand out in traditional recipes and the innovative chef’s creations. Take delight in them not only for breakfast, we highly recommend you Mare Nostrum dinners.

Belvue Bar

Be honest. You’ve always wanted to be on top of the world. You can do it, this is your chance. If you like Marbella bars you’ll automatically fall in love with Belvue Rooftop Bar, the irresistible place that will make you feel on top of the world.

Doubtlessly, Belvue offers you the best sea view you’ve ever imagined. It’s clearly unrivalled. You’ll experience the unforgettable sensation of being over the sea, nearly touching the horizon with your fingers, breathing in a captivating atmosphere between the blue waves and the blue sky.

The best brands of international drinks are at your disposal to fill the astonishing moments with flavours that await you in the Belvue Rooftop Bar.

Amare Beach Restaurant

The Mediterranean culture has its own mood and taste, with autochthonous products and a charismatic blend of spices. This is the base of the fusion cuisine that you’ll find in the Amàre Beach Restaurant, for sure one of the best places to eat in Marbella.

The beach embraces this outdoor restaurant, where only a wooden deck separates you from the sand and you can smell the sea breeze. Tasty “tapas”, the freshest seafood, rice recipes, Iberian ham, salads, even pizzas and burgers served with a touch of style… are only some examples of all you will savour in Amàre Beach Restaurant.

If you are looking for something different in Marbella restaurants’ offer, you don’t need to go any further. Come to Amàre Beachand enjoy two guilty pleasures at once: sunbathing and making the most of a delicious lunch or dinner.

Amare Lounge

You will fall in love with this contemporary and eclectic leisure and dining space, with pool and sea views. Perfect for enjoying a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine, as well as more international dishes.

During the evening, get carried away and sample one of our cocktails. Do you like the classics, or would you prefer some new flavours? We have a acclaimed barman who has created a special cocktail for your holidays in Marbella.

Dance to fusion flamenco rhythms, take part in our themed dinners and don’t miss the best sporting events. Amàre Lounge has all the ingredients you need to switch off.

Video of Hotel