Old Head Links

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Designed by a combination of Ireland’s golfing heroes and design experts, Old Head Golf Links is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable developments ever conceived in the history of golf, an Atlantic promontory that will never be rivaled in terms of drama or beauty.

Old Head Golf Links is a majestically devised course, with the site laying on a 220 acre diamond-shaped area that extends two miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. Located in Kinsale, County Cork on the southern tip of Ireland, it is remote but still accessible. Many players have described it as being “on the edge of the world”. It truly is a wonderfully isolated golf course, with amazing sights.

Old Head has been named “one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world” by the PGA advisory board. They expanded on this commendation, proclaiming that “Old Head Golf Links sits on possibly the single prettiest piece of property in the world. The golf course will test you but the scenery will move you.”  High praise indeed, but well deserved. It really has to be seen to be believed.

As the course plays on what is essentially an island, the golf course is exposed to the Atlantic’s elements. Nine holes will bring you along by the cliff tops, allowing the participants to maximise these other-worldly views. The course plays at 7100 yards for a par of 72, and is a stern test of both your golfing aptitude and concentration.
There are five par-three and par-five holes on the course, which makes for a very entertaining round with the possibility of a pretty low score. It plays along in two loops of nine holes, bringing competitors out to the edge of the cliff and back in along it. It is a remarkable golf course, and it should be given high priority on your list of courses to play.

Video of Course - Drone Fly Over